Oct 24, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

Here’s a tragedy:

According to a new report, kids’ fitness has been varying levels of awful at a national level for 12 years straight.

That’s an entire generation of kids who didn’t move much and are now likely well on their way to being sedentary adults at heightened risk of all the diseases that come with inactivity.

It’s truly sad. 

The recently released “2022 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth” listed the following grades for kids fitness:

  • 2010—F
  • 2011—F
  • 2012—F
  • 2013—D-
  • 2014—D-
  • 2015—D-
  • 2016—D-
  • 2018—D+
  • 2020—D+
  • 2022—D

This year’s D—a decline from 2020 and 2018—was awarded because the report creators believe just 28 percent of kids get an average of 60 minutes of “moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity” every day.

More horrid grades:

  • Active play—D-
  • Organized sport—C+ (down from a B in 2020)
  • Sedentary behaviours—F
  • 24-hour movement behaviours—F (“This year’s grade remains an F based on an average of 5% of children and youth in Canada meeting the physical activity, screen time and sleep duration recommendations within the ‘Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines.'”)

This is just terrible. And it’s very preventable.

And why we are working so hard at changing it!

We imagine a better future for our kids. We know you do too. Together we want what is best for kids and teens. We want them to have the freedom and fearlessness to engage wholeheartedly with the world throughout their entire lives. Today’s youth are caught between increasingly sedentary lifestyles and earlier and intensive single-sport specialization. This has reduced physical activity—decreasing free play, undermining motor skills development, heightening injury risk, and exacerbating childhood obesity. We are confronting this public health threat head on with a strength-and-conditioning program specifically designed for kids.

We are driven by a relentless pursuit of best practices in youth training. Our focus on motor pattern training and physical literacy enhancement optimizes kids’ fitness and elevates their athleticism. We help protect kids and teens against sports injury, boost their sports performance, and push back against the forces behind obesity.

The mastery, confidence, and motivation that kids develop in our gym is the ingredient of freedom and fearlessness. this program instills the essence of adventure, passion, and joy in kids and teens when playing their favorite sports, trying new things, and tackling life’s challenges so they can step out of the gym knowing they can do whatever they set out to do.

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