which way is down?

Feb 2, 2021

 by Ryan Webb

This is our new air freshener in the gym.

As u can see in the pic, the liquids separate. And they separate quickly. Several times I didn't notice, they had separated, when I sprayed it. What I did notice was how much less effective it was. So my solution was just to keep it on its side so simply by picking it up it would mix together. 

However, several times a day I find it standing on the small round side, commonly referred to as the bottom, lol. So I tip it back over onto the long curved side, commonly referred to as the side, lol


What struck me this morning as I was tipping it over, is the fact that I'm constantly having to tip it over.

The members of this gym care about the gym and each other enough to correct something they see as a mistake. Honestly it is a good problem to have and I'm not complaining about it at all, simply observing. 

My question is why is it a mistake though? Or rather why is it seen as a mistake?

  1. I haven't shared with anyone why it is tipped over LOL
  2. Duh , coach obviously the bottom is the small side. And obviously the bottom goes down. A lesson we are taught from the beginning.
Well yes it is convenient to keep it on the flat side.
  1. So it stays in place.
  2. 2. So other things can be stood next to it.
And It is easy enough just to shake it after picking it up.

I'm considering the bigger picture, I am the minority here. Seeing options. Not being afraid to go against the norm. Thinking outside the box, being creative. 


Asking why, has gotten me in trouble many times LOL. Not accepting the answer “cause that is just how it is done” or “that is what everyone else does” or “ that is just how it always been done”


*I will apologize this once to all the teachers my boys will ever have, for valuing that trait in my kids too. LOL

Feel free to call me on it, everything we do should have a purpose, a reason why. And not “just cause I said so!”

Question everything. Have the courage to try new things. The courage to not have things work just right and to try again. The freedom to experiment and try things that many may look at you sideways for doing.

There is strength in that. And strength is never a weakness