what to expect the first time you go to the gym in Elk Grove, California

Jan 18, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

It is a new year and you have decided that 2022 is gonna be the year you finally make the change you've known you needed to do. And two years since covid you just wont wait any longer.

Awesome! congrats!! I am very happy for u, now what?

well now you need to find a gym, go to it, and then figure out what you are even going to do.

All that can be very scary and is a big reason why you havent done it yet. But '22 is the year, you decided. So after looking around u notice some gyms look different than others, this can help explain why. You picked a gym, u picked a day, and now it is time to go. You like many people may be having lots of questions and worries lI recently read an article that named a bunch here are just a few:

  • what do I do whith my stuff?
  • What do I wear?
  • So do u just like walk in?
  • How do I know what they have and where it is?
  • What if this whole idea makes me nervous?
  • They have a free trial, but is there a catch??
  • What do I need to know about gym etiquette?

I am aware of these concerns and fears and is why I set up The Grove fitness the way I did


  • We talk to you about your goals.
  • We create a perfect plan.
  • We coach you rather than abandon you.
  • We adjust the plan as needed.
  • We show you around.
  • We tell you what to bring and where to put your stuff.
  • We show you how to sign in.
  • We call you when you don’t show up.
  • We have a person dedicated to answering your questions and making you feel at home.

In short we take care of you.


First we meet and chat so we can find all about you and your needs. This way we can design a program best suited to accomplish your goals. we call this a No-sweat intro you can schedule one here 

We chat for about 15 min and give you our professional plan best suited for u. With 0 pressure.

And because we start by knowing what u want and why, we are primed to get you there fast.


This added care is more expensive than the other gyms. Manly because with them you are getting access to a big room with stuff in it. Here you are getting coaching. Many people are very smart. They would not have gotten a college education alone reading books in a library. Our gym is like a university and I am your professor.

Are you ready to start? Book a free intro and let's go!!!