week of 6/21

Jun 23, 2019

 by Ryan Webb



Row 1000m

50 Alt. DB Snatch 50/35lb.



2 Rounds:

400m Run

25 Pull-ups



Row 1000m

50 Alt. DB Snatch 50/35lb.



2 Rounds:

400m Run

25 Pull-ups


4min AMRAP:

Row 500m "buy in" on the odd rounds

Run 400m "buy in" on the even rounds

AMRAP in remaining time:

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Toes To Bar


Rest 90sec.

Repeat for 4 Rounds


Round 1.) 135/95

Round 2.) 145/100

Round 3.) 155/105

Round 4.) 165/110

If you need to scale, just keep 1 weight the whole time or start light and just try to add a little something each round.

Extra Credit, BUT... I kinda want everyone to do it because we have a lot of time left ;) However, to finish you will definitely go over class time, so cut it a little shorter if you have to go.


4 Rounds:

200m Single ArmFarmer Carry with a 70/53lb KB

15 Barbell Sit-Ups

*KB must stay on the same arm for 100m each way



2 Rounds:

400m Farmer Carry with (2) 53/35s

20 Barbell Sit-Ups




21min. EMOM:

Min. 1) 15/12 Cal Assault Bike/row

Min. 2) 15 Barbell Thrusters 45/35lb

Min. 3) 15 Toes-To-Bar


Rest 4min.


10min. Ladder:

5 Wall Balls 20/14lb

10 Double Unders

10 Wall Balls

20 Double Unders

15 Wall Balls

30 Double Unders

.... And so on... Adding 5 Wall Balls and 10 Double Unders to the round before.


20min. EMOM:

Odd: 15 Wall Balls (20/14lb)

Even: 10 Snatches x 2 Rounds


8 Snatches x 2 Rounds

6 Snatches x 2 Rounds

4 Snatches x 2 Rounds

2 Snatch x 2 Rounds


Rx men 75/95/115/135/155

Rx women 55/65/75/85/95


And now something quick and DIRTY...


10min. To get as far as possible...


American KB Swings 53/35

10 push ups



"Fight Gone Bad Style... Twice..."


3 Rounds: (Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal)

1min. of Push Press 75/55lb Bar

1min. of American KB Swings 53/35

1min. of Box Jumps 24/20"

1min. of SDHP's 75/55lb Bar

1min. of Push-Ups

1min. Rest


Then immediately into;


3 Rounds: (Cardio + Abs)

1min. of Plank

1min. of Rowing For Cals

1min. of Sit-Ups

1min. of Assault Bike For Cals

1min. of Russian Twist with 35/25lb DB

1min. Rest


35min. running clock...

10 Bench Press

10 Pull-Ups (Strict if possible)

15/12 Cal Assault Bike


Rest 90sec. After Each Round


*If you get 10 Rounds, Stop (no more).

*For the weight, think of something you can do unbroken ideally the whole time, but is really hard after set 5-6. If you break 1 time it's ok. Pull-Ups may be any grip you like.


Extra Credit:

4 Rounds:

20 Russian Twists with 45/30lb DB

20 Sit-Ups (with feet anchored on DB)



3 Rounds: (40sec. on 20 sec. off)


Station 1.)Max Ball Slams 30/20

Station 2.) 12/9 Cal Row

Station 3.) Plank

Station 4.)200 m run

Station 5.) DB Push Press 50/35

Station 6.) Max Bicycle Abs

Station 7.) 15 Wall Balls 20/14

Station 8.) 12/9 Cal Assault Bike

Station 9.) Max Box Jumps 20"

Station 10.) Max KB Sumo-DLHP 70/53


Rest 2min.

*Should be able to share most equipment here, so team up.

*Advanced can do 15/12 Cal stations


EMOM x 10min.

Odd: Max Hang Power Snatches 135/95

Even: 60 Double Unders *Every other round is 12/9 Cal Assault Bike


Rest 3min.


EMOM x 10min.

Odd: Max Hang Power Cleans 185/125

Even: 60 Double Unders *Every other round is 12/9 Cal Assault Bike


Rest 3min.


EMOM x 10min.

Odd: Max Deadlifts 225/155

Even: 60 Double Unders *Every other round is 12/9 Cal Assault Bike



In Teams of 2:

35min. running clock...

2 Rounds:

50 Cal Assault Bike/row

50 Toes-To-Bar


2 Rounds:

50 Cal Row/bike

50 Plate Sit-Ups (35/25lb.)


2 Rounds:

800m Run (200m intervals)

100 Russian Twists with 35/25lb DB


Max American KB Swings until the 35min. mark (53/35lb.) Advanced: 70/53lb.

Only 1 Person works at a time. Can you finish and make it to the swings?


A few Warm-Ups sets


70% x 3

80% x 3

90% x Max Reps! (3+ goal)


*SUPERSET with 20 Russian Twists with the heaviest DB possible.

16min. to get as far as possible...

5 Rounds:

10 Push Jerks 115/75

15 Toes-To-Bar


Rest 2min. (You MUST rest. And it's included in the 16min. running clock)


Max Rounds in remaining time...

10 Push Jerks (135/85)

15 Wall Balls (20/14lb.)