WE who dare

Nov 27, 2019

 by Ryan Webb



Sometimes I look at the reflection in that window and ask;

"Who does he think he is?"

"Why does he think he can do this?"

"Why does this man get to live his dream?"

"How dare he try to help people!"

"Would have been better if he was the one who came home in the box!"

"What makes him think he can help?"

"Does he really think people care, believe, listen, or value a single word he says?"

"Surley not! He doesnt even have a six pack, who is he kidding?

NO one except himself!"



These thoughts I have are not just mine. We all have similar thoughts. I have spoken of the consistent force that will always be pushing against any and all improvements u try to make for yourself. Every step toward your North Star and Happiness will be met with resistance.


When I have those thoughts I turn around and look the other way


That wall, those names and those numbers, represent real things. Real people and real accomplishments. People with lives, lives that I have influenced.

Some that I have failed, some that weren't ready for my advice, some that have been put on a better path for the rest of their journey. All of which are mine now, forever. All of which I hold myself responsible for their health, their future happiness. Everyone I have coached has their name written on the wall inside my heart and although I will make mistakes, I will do whatever I can to make sure they all get a few steps closer to happiness and are equipped with more physical, mental, and emotional strength than they had when they started.