the one thing

May 4, 2021

 by Ryan Webb

The One Difference

There are tons and tons of gyms. Tons and tons of places to get exercise.

Was thinking today, cause a business coach told me too lol, What makes me/thegrove different? What is it that I want it to be?

I think it all comes down to I'm a coach with a gym instead of a gym with coaching


Gyms with coaching range from 24 hr fitness with zumba to crossfit gyms coaching small groups.

When I say a coach with a gym. I mean that the gym is just one of the tools I use to help people, change their lives. It doesnt stop at just the body for me. I am interested in improving the mental, spiritual, even financial aspects of your health as well. All the parts that lead to happiness.


Yes I love barbells and muscles, challenging myself to do hard things, learning how to be a better human, father, spouse, citizen, and protector.

And sharing that with people I care about so they too can be the best version of themselves possible. 

I use a gym as my office because I think it is much more effective than a couch and notepad.

It is why the videos I make are called betwen the weights, cause so much more goes into the 23 hours a day you arent in the gym. and an hour a day is not much time to help u. I try though. ;)