Apr 26, 2020

 by Ryan Webb

Let me introduce Stephanie to you.

She will be the first to tell u she is not a person who likes working out at home.
She is very social, loves the energy of a group and the push she gets working out in a gym with others.

So staying on track at home has been a challenge.

With limited equipment she has done the best she can to maintain her health. She has done a few things that help her stay committed and on track. One important thing is she is on a schedule. Everyday at 4 pm she works out. Second, she joins the zoom workout to get some socializing and an extra push because she know her coach is watching.

Working out at home with two little kids has its challenges.

Many times her sit-ups are some with a child on her feet kissing her each time she sits up or trying to climb on her back when she does pushups other times they are doing burpees along side her. She may have to run over and hold a punching bag for her son during his zoom karate class. And she always comes right back and gets back into the workout. She values the things she gets from exercise and does what she has too to keep at while also doing what she feels is her responsibility to stay home. 

Keep up the great work Steph!