Professional fitness people

Aug 9, 2019

 by Ryan Webb

Listening to them “coach” each other is interesting. Not quit the blind leading the blind. Because they have been paying attention. It is close to that. 


They have heard me, seen me, coach other people. So some of the cues they use are correct, some of the ideas are right.

They however don’t know many of the whys. They don’t know the context behind the coaching cues they have heard so many times. 


I also witness this at the big box gym I go to cause they have a sauna. Although these people are paying lots of money to have someone, someone who they suppose is an expert, to lead them through exercise without an understanding. 


I realize I am assuming. I assume they don’t know. Cause, anyone who does know wouldn’t waste anyone’s time like this would they?!?!???

Because I believe people aren’t trying to cheat people. The conclusion I come to is that they don’t understand the context. The Personal Trainer has read a book, past an online multiple choice test, and got a job. They however have not had the experience of training other people. Many times they haven’t even trained themselves. Many things are only learned through experience. Describe the way salt tastes, or how a 600 pound squat feels on your back. For example, Unless you’ve done it, it is a difficult task. If possible at all. 


Find a coach that knows the stuff. Just having a six pack does not qualify them!