Sep 25, 2019

 by Ryan Webb


See these four bars.

Each are made from exactly the same stuff. Each were made in exactly the same way. Each were made in exactly the same place. 

And each look very very different.

A patina is the color meatal takes when exposed to the elements. Have you ever seen the green sculpture out in front of the art museum in SF?

It didn't start green, it is made of bronze, and bronze or copper turns green. Cars are made of steel, and when exposed they turn brown.

Or rust color LOL


So if these four bars of ours are all the same material why do they look so different?

Even in the same environment they have had different lives. Some are older, some have been used more, some have been beaten up more, some have been treated or cared for differently than the others.

Artist will artificially speed up the process of putting a patina onto a sculpture, because the patina adds to the sculpture. A patina shows off the sculpture. A patina gives the sculpture character. Gives it individuality.


Your life has given you a patina, has made you extremely special, and unique. Made u one of a kind.


My hope, my goal is to help u see how awesome YOU are. To help u believe it and see what I see. A gym is an unusual place to try and do something like that. It is where I learned it, am learning it for myself.

Getting strong, lean, and sexy are byproducts of u beleiving you are.

And then given the tools to manifest those truths.

I have all the tools to make it happen.

First step; You realize who you are.

Step two; Discover what will make u happy

Step three; Tell me so we can get it done.


You are special. Let’s go change the world :)