Meet Steph

May 27, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

I want to inroduce you to the many awesome members of The Grove Fitness

Let me Introduce you to Steph. She is a mom, a wife, a grandma, and works as a teacher.
She came to the gym 3 years ago, she first tried The Grove because a few of her cooworkers were trying and she was looking for something new.
Having a gym membership and staying fit has been a very important part of her and her families life for as long as she can remember. And when she first came to the gym she considered herself fairly fit and healthy. She is in a group of people who go out on regular hikes and while she always brang up the rear  She enjoyed herself and the healthy lifestyle she had. 

Steph says her greatest achievement strength and performance wise in the gym is

"I can lift heavy weights (for me 😉), I can do pull ups , I can do 30 push ups, and I have tried things - Spartan and Festivus"

Festivus is a local Crossfit style competition she did with two friends and in the picture you can see her climbing the rope during her first Spartan Race

Health wise Steph is stronger than ever before. Physically and mentally She also is no longer bringing up the back when she hikes. She loves seeing progress like that.
She says her favorite things about the gym are "I have a trainer that cares, I am constantly being challenged , and have met great people!"