Meet Nancy

May 19, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

I want to inroduce you to the many awesome members of The Grove Fitness

Let me tell u about Nancy. As a working grandma, mom, wife, and large dog mom her life is busy.
Nancy first came to the Grove, after covid made owning a gym difficult and her gym was forced to close. She had known about The Grove from before The Grove was The Grove. And she tried that gym first in her search for a new place.
She has made fitness a big part of her life for a long time and has been in the gym 6 days a week for as long as she can remember. She is a recovering ultra runner lol and focuses most of her time now to making sure she doesn't have the glutes of an old lady.
Since joining her biggest health related accomplishment has involved a mindset program. She is learning how to slow down and 'turn off her brain" for little bits at a time. She is still working towards it and has really benefited from her current progress.
As a very natural runner, gaining muscle and strength has been a challenge for her for a long time and something she has always wanted and worked towards. Since joining she has been able to lift more weight than she had thought she could and her proudest moment was when she squatted 200 pounds.
She lists her favorite things about The Grove as "Camaraderie, support, community, the FEEL and the Coach."
She explains in more detail what she means by "the Feel" and the coach.

She says, "There is a distinct feel to this gym. It’s a solid community where people are connected on various athletic levels. The energy is infectious. Everyone is genuinely supportive and interested in your progress. People will literally stop what they’re doing to watch you squat or deadlift. It’s very moving.

The coach, Ryan, is another story. He is so passionate about his role and helping each person individually. He is so intuitive and recognizes if a person is having a bad day or is experiencing life challenges. He modifies the workout accordingly. If you walk in strong, he will push you, he will push you anyways but in a gentler fashion if he knows that you’re struggling. He will bag your current work out and give you something that challenges you but also makes you feel successful. Many times, I have appreciated this the most.

From a personal standpoint, I could not have found a better place for someone like me. Life has been pretty rough the entire course of my membership and Ryan has never lost hope or patience. He has kept solid faith in me and my ability. I am so appreciative of him.."


Nancy gives as good as she gets and is a great benefit to communities she belongs to. We are very happy we have her with us!