Meet Julie

May 23, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

I want to inroduce you to the many awesome members of The Grove Fitness

Let me tell u about Julie. As a Mom, Grandma, wife, and best friend she has no shortage of people who benefit from her care and attention.
Julie has been working out to some degree since her 20's without ever really pushing herself to do weight training. Her friend and running partner would rave all about The Grove. Julie has lived a full life and many previous injuries made her vary wary to try the gym when the focus was more high intensity training. As the gym has evolved to a more client centric facility she saw an opportunity to try The Grove during a bring your friends week.
Health wise She says "The biggest health goal I have achieved is honestly gaining a more positive view of what health means. I used to be more concerned with weight loss and now I see that strength and a healthy mindset are much more important."
Physically and performance wise She has gained more strength then she imagined and is excited each week when she can see her progress as she gets stonger. She was intimidated by weights when she first started because of previous injuries. And now just a few months later is at the cusp of dealifting 200 pounds several times in a row. And she even says that she "loves doing the bench press!"
When asked what Her favorite thing about the gym is?
She replied "the best thing about The Grove is the positive environment and encouragement you get from other members as well as the individual training you get from Coach Ryan. He has built a place that is very positive for mental as well as physical strenght." She has also mentioned that She is comfortable in this enironment liftings weight and challenging herself. And hopes more women discover the gym

To anyone considering the gym she encourages them to try by saying,  "You have nothing to lose by coming in and trying it out! You will find that you will be hooked after just a week and never look back."