Meet Flor

Jul 24, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

I want to inroduce you to the many awesome members of The Grove Fitness

Let me tell u a little about Flor.
She is married, has several kids and is a small business owner
She first came to the gym from recommendation from a friend in a FB group. She was working with a personal trainer and because of the price per session she was limited in how often she was attending. Because of the limitations in frequency and the program she was doing she had seen limited results and wanted more.

Since starting at The Grove, health wise, her biggest accomplishment has been a lose of fat and a signifigant gain in lean muslce.

Around July '21 she started a program custom designed just for her. Around that time she was capable of squatting 195 pounds. When asked what her biggest performance goal she achieved was

she replied, "When I reached my squat goal at the end of the year. That was pretty awesome! "



Flor squatting 350That goal was 300 before 2022.

She has most recently crushed another goal of squatting 350 pounds by her one year anniversary of following her program.


Just so happens she says squatting is her favoriye thing to do in he gym. And she is very good at it.

Her favorite things about the gym are the friends she has made and Little coach