Meet Debbie

May 10, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

I want to inroduce you to the many awesome members of The Grove Fitness

First up is Debbie. She is a mom, wife, and school teacher. She has been doing crossfit at many of the area gyms since mid/late 2015.
She first came to the Grove in 2019 during a transitional period at her previous gym. The gym was going through an ownership change and she thought it was time to make a change herself.

Debbie will be the first to admit that sticking to a good nutrition plan is difficult for her. And that really pushing herself outside her comfort zone in workouts was not something she would do on her own. It took some time and lots of tweeks. We were able to find a plan that was suitable for her lifestyle  She can now celebrate

"I am FINALLY really paying attention to nutrition and it’s WORKING!"

She just recently shared her need to buy a new pair of pants as she is down a whole size. ANd she is fitting into tops that have been hanging in her closet for a long time. And in her mid 50s is the strongest she has ever been. It is no coincidence that those things are happening for her.
Her favorite thing about The Grove is the customized coaching and the community of people who encourage her to keep going.  And she really loves deadlifting and bench press
Debbie deadlifting a new Best

Debbie's advice to anyone thinking of joining the gym would be

"This is not like any other gym! You will be challenged, encouraged and coached all the way to success as long as you lean into the process of getting healthy - in body and soul! "