Meet josh

May 9, 2022

 by Ryan Webb

I want to inroduce you to the many awesome members of The Grove Fitness

Meet Josh. He is a Vet, a father, and manages a manufactoring plant.
We asked Josh A few questions.
Josh is no stranger to gyms and fitness. He has spent his early life playing all sorts of sports and found a love of rugby before serving in the army.
As life happens he was moved to our area for work. And was just trying to find a gym that was conveniently placed between work and home. And that is how he found The Grove.
What  he liked best about The Grove was the flexibility of times he could come work out. He also loved knowing there was already a workout for him to do that didn't require any decision making on his part.
He hadn't been away from a gym for very long and was not in terrible shape. He was very thrilled when he was able to gain back strength he had more than 10 years ago while still feeling like he could run long distance.

He mostly was happy he could keep up with his son again and not be held back because he was out of shape.

His favorite things about the gym turned out to be the very personalized workouts and class times that were flexible so he could still get his workout in when he was running later than normal.

To people considering joining the gym he points to; hard effective workouts, done wasting no time, with a great coach guiding you. As the reasons he would call The Grove the best gym he has ever been to.