Aug 22, 2020

 by Ryan Webb

While The part of crossfit that usually gets people hurt is when they focus on the competition part I am turning on the leader board option. Competition is useful and has it's place. And if seeing what someone else did will inspire u to pick a bigger DB or go a little faster it is beneficial. There is a time and place for external copmetition, and some of the WODs are designed for it. In our rotation of practice, competition, and mental toughness workout points of performance competition makes up maybe 20% of the workouts.

I'm also aware of it beggining to happen organically and so I'm willing to test it out.

with a few very important caveats

  1. first time a non-competition wod is done with horrible execution just "to beat (insert name)!" it gets turned back off
  2. reason to input scores is so u have a record for yourself, in order for u to compare future scores to
  3. Inaccurate scores happen. Sometimes intentionally. Questioning the integrity of others will not be tolerated. EVER!


You will notice, as seen in pic below, beneth all the info for the WOD there is an active button to "+submit to leader board" clicking that will allow u to enter a score for the workout. What is scored/recorded will change depending on the workout if the button is not there then nothing is being recorded that day.