it's fine

Sep 8, 2020

 by Ryan Webb

First, if you are 100% satisfied with your current health, body, fitness level, or Level method Overall level. Then, stop reading this now and have a wonderful day!


I assume that if you are still reading this then you are wanting to grow, change, or improve in some manner.

And if so Awesome! That is what I am here for.

(edit) I am adding this part after writing the following sections as I, the coach, will take responsibility for not expressing this before. Or not expressing it in a way that u understood. So let me say it again.

  • The workouts are not made by random.
  •  Are not random just for the sake of randomness or novelty. 
  • Are designed for the general improvement of everyone
  • Are selected to improve the average level of people in the gym
  • Have an intended goal

Having said that…..

If the workouts didn't have direction.

If the program was just random.

If there was no bigger picture.

If there was no long term plan.

Then, I would have no issue with you changing the workouts you do.

when you:

  • grab a bigger ball and lighter KB than suggested

  • add rest in between exercises

  • don't get all the work done in the minute

  • Cruise on the bike

  • Do light DB walking lunges

  • Change exercise because you dont want to do it

  • pace yourself 

You are changing the workout. 

*modifications done because of injury, pregnancy, technical proficiency, incontinence, or because I suggest it are not the concern here

Which means you will not get the intended results from that workout. Which means, you will not be ready for the next step in next weeks or next months workout, which means u will not make the improvements designed for u to make. 

It is fine if that is what you want. It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. (heavy sarcasm) Honestly though if that is the case, if u just need something hard to clear your head or just workout to maintain sanity. I get it and we can change stuff. However I need you to tell me that!!! Cause I have yet to master mind reading! Just ask my wife or kids lol

So I’m asking you to follow the workout as closely as u can. And I’m committing to do a better job of explaining what I expect from u so this will be the last time we have to sit down and have this conversation



So here is what i want from u on wednesday. And moving forward the video will be linked in the app for the wod that day