Jul 23, 2020

 by Ryan Webb

There are a few simple principles all the training done in the gym is founded on.

Three of them are

  • Simple
  • Hard
  • Effective

Let me explain what I mean by, Hard.


I mean "sucks". I mean is "the worst". I mean "die". I mean "uncomfortable".

It would be wonderful if the things we wanted were easy to get. If change didnt require change. If dreams didnt require sarifice or hard work.

It would be awesme if we could just take a pill and poof be whatever we want.

Truth is we all know that isnt how it works. And can be a reason why we dont start things or why we give up on things. Because discomfort is no fun.

It is uncomfortable lol

And therein lies the rub.

So an easy test is if "it isnt that bad", if u "could do this all day" or if u can carry a conversation with your neighbor.

It isnt HARD

Embrace the hard, embrace the discomfort, and u will be rewarded for it with fat loss, muscle gain, more confidence, and a healthier mind and body.