Getting life back

Apr 26, 2020

 by Ryan Webb

It's time we take back what is ours it is time we take responsibility for ourselves. It's time to make decisions for yourself. That of course is why we like America so much. 

When the COvid-19 scare first happened we had very little facts about it and how to deal with it. As the months have passed it is becoming much more clear  that the early projected numbers were overestimated. We are getting more and more facts as time is going by, and covid is proving to not be any more dangerous than the flu.

I feel strongly that further isolation will cause more damage than good. To your health and well being. I also feel like there are reasons other than our health involved with keeping us all home.

I kept the gym open because supporting the essential workers' mental and physical health was important to me.

 Now it is time to encourage everyone to start getting back.

It will be done slowly, our cleaning and sanitization  procedures will still be elevated and groups will be limited to small numbers. As we start to get around each other again we will need time to get used to each other  as our immunity has been compromised because of isolating ourselves.

ramping back up will be done slowly 

  • classes will only have 5 people at a time, so we won't be sharing equipment
  • classes will be added as needed to accommodate everyone coming back in smaller group sizes

If you would feel more comfortable still getting all, or some of your coaching online I will continue to do that. I understand.  Until there is a clear end.

Some may have realized that a totally online or hybrid online in person is best for them. If so we can talk about what that looks like moving forward.


The Governor is announcing rules for stage 2 to open on thursday 5/7, I will be watching that closely and will implement that in the gym.

I look forward to seeing u all very soon!