Game day fuel

Apr 17, 2024

 by Ryan Webb

ok lets crush the day


the few days before

  • drink lots of water starting thursday
  • Th and F night an hour before bed eat 3 eggs*
  • F night dinner is normal



  • breakfast like a normal day
  • 10-15 min prior to each workout 30 grams of sugar (candy,fruit)
  • post each workout drink a small gatoraid or other electrolite heavy drink
  • nothing heavy between workouts. no fats or meat
  • caffiene as desired 20-30 min before workouts




*so why the eggs?

Without an extremly boring science reason, eating them will free up some testosterone in your system and give you an extra performance boost.

side effects

  • peak physical performance
  • wild dreams
  • possibly increased aggresive attitude