Sep 11, 2021

 by Ryan Webb

We do strength and conditioning. We do crossfit.  An evolved version. A better crossfit. Meaning we do exercises that use our bodies instead of machines. We do those exercises, as hard as possible, and it changes daily to keep your body growing. To keep gaining strength and losing fat.

Simple, hard, and effective are the three principles that guide the decisions made. Variety for the sake of variety is not. And the program is modified to each and every individual, individually.

We use crossfit to better the lives of the people of Elk Grove. To make better humans, better parents, and stronger community And much less worried about being good at the sport of CrossFit.


Here is what is happening this week….


Every 2min. x 10 Rounds:

Round 1: 10 Cal Bike + 10 DB Box Step Overs

Round 2: 10 Cal Row + 10 DB Lunges

*Alternate each round

Mens Weight: 35-45lb. Dumbbells

Women's Weight: 20-30lb. Dumbbells


Box Height: 20 inches for everyone


Left + Right = 2 reps on box step overs and lunges


Rest 3min. after section A and complete the workout below!


12min. to finish...

100 SB G2OH

*Every 2min. Complete a 200m Run

*Start with the 200m Run 



Every 4min. x 4 Rounds:

15/12 Cal Bike + 50 Double Unders

Immediately into;



Round 1: 3 at 60% of board

Round 2: 3 at 70% of board

Round 3: 3 at 80% of board

Round 4: Max Unbroken Reps at # on board + (shooting for more than 3)


**Goal is to start your deadlifts at the 2min. mark or less. So if you can't do double unders, just do singles until 2min.


15min. to finish...

100 DB Sit-Ups (35/25lb.)

100 Alt. DB Lunges (45/35s)

1000m SB carry


*You may split up the reps however you like! Strategy is key to finishing fast, but maybe you like the pain of going straight through?

Accessory Work


Pick 1 or 2 movements below:


1.) 3 sets of Banded Standing Abductors

10-15 reps per side. Rest 60seconds between sets.



2.) 3 sets of Banded Seated Abductors

60sec. of max reps. 60sec. rest. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.



3.)  3 sets of Banded Donkey Kicks

10-15 reps per side. Rest 60seconds between sets.



4.) 3 sets of Standing Barbell Calf Raises

10-15 Reps as heavy as possible. Rest 60-90sec. Between Sets.




Bodyweight "Fight Gone Bad"


1min. of Bear Squat + Push-Up

1min. of Straight Leg Sit-Ups

1min. of High Knees

1min. of Sumo Stance Air Squats

1min. of Up Down With A Double Shot

1min. of  Rest


Repeat for 5 Total Rounds (30min.)

Workout demo:





3 at 60% of board

3 at 70% of board

3 at 80% of board

Max Unbroken Reps at # on board + (shooting for more than 3) *No resting at the top of any reps for more than 1sec. Constant movement.


 Depending on the weight you choose, this can be extremely challenging! Have fun. Go HARD. And enjoy :)


"Big Glute, Hamstring, and Quad Superset"


50 Single Leg RDL's

immediately into;

50 Bulgarian Split Squats

Immediately into;

50 DB Hip Thrusts


Rest 1min. Repeat For 2 Total Sets.

On the first 2 movements, it's 50 reps total, so 25 each leg. You may switch sides whenever you like. Choose a weight here that is challenging enough where you do have to take a few quick breaks per movement, but not heavy that you can't repeat it again for the 2nd round. Personally, I see most men using between 50-70lbs DBs and ladies between 25-35s on the first 2 sections. For the hip thrust, you may use something heavier. If not, I recommend pausing and squeezing hard at the top of each rep to get the most out of the light weights.

Single Leg RDL's:


Bulgarian Split Squats:


DB Hip Thrust:



10 Rounds For Time:

30 Double Unders

15 Air Squats





10 Devil Press (45/30s)

Run 200m

15 Barbell Back Squats (95/65lbs.)

50 Double Unders



20 Devil Press (45/30s)

Run 400m

30 Barbell Back Squats (95/65lbs.)

100 Double Unders



30 Devil Press (45/30s)

Run 800m

60 Barbell Back Squats (95/65lbs.)

200 Double Under

Devil Press: