Aug 14, 2021

 by Ryan Webb

We do strength and conditioning. We do crossfit.  An evolved version. A better crossfit. Meaning we do exercises that use our bodies instead of machines. We do those exercises, as hard as possible, and it changes daily to keep your body growing. To keep gaining strength and losing fat.

Simple, hard, and effective are the three principles that guide the decisions made. Variety for the sake of variety is not. And the program is modified to each and every individual, individually.

We use crossfit to better the lives of the people of Elk Grove. To make better humans, better parents, and stronger community And much less worried about being good at the sport of CrossFit.


Here is what is happening this week….




Every 3min. x 4 Rounds:

3 Back Squats + 400m Run


*Ideally you start with something heavy and stick with it OR make some smaller jumps along the way.


Rest 3min. 


Every 3min. x 4 Rounds:

5 Front Squats + 400m Row


Start this section at the 30min. Mark....


6min. Ladder:

1 Devil Press (45/30s)

1 Lunge On Each Leg

2 Devil Press

2 Lunges On Each Leg

3 Devil Press

3 Lunges On Each Leg

This is gunna get SPICY!!!!




2 Power Cleans (185/135lbs.)

4 push press

6 ballslam

Complete 1 Round Every Miniute Until You FAIL...




3 Total Sets:



10 Deadlifts (@50-60% of 1RM)



30/20 Cal Bike



10 Bench Press (@50-60% of 1RM)



100 Double Unders


BIG EMOM piece. The only rest, is the time left over in each section for finishing a little eary. If you want to up the percentages a little, you may, but these numbers should be good.


At the 28min. Mark....




7min. AMRAP:

30 American KB Swings (53/35lb.)

20 Push-Ups

10 Pull-Ups




1mile bike

Max Power Clean and Jerks (115/75lbs.)



1mile bike

Max Barbell Thrusters (115/75lbs.)



1mile bike

Max Push Jerks  (115/75lbs.)


From 23-35min...


Fun Ab Section :)


3 Rounds:

Min. 1) 1min. Plank on your hands

Min. 2) 12-15 Toes-To-Bar

Min. 3) DB Russian Twists (35/25lbs.)

Min. 4) Rest

This doesnt seem that hard, but let me tell you.. It's tough!




Every 4min. x 4 Rounds:

6-8 Lunges Each leg

Immediately into;

200m Farmer Carry with (2) Kettlebells


Men Suggested Weight: 53-70s

Women Suggested Weight: 35-53s


*On the farmer carry's, I legit just want you to walk at a brisk pace. Try not run or walk super slow.


For Max Total Reps:

4min. of Assault Bike

4min. of Box Step-Ups with (1) 35/25lb. DB

3min. of Assault Bike

3min. of Box Step-Ups with (1) 35/25lb. DB

2min. of Assault Bike

2min. of Box Step-Ups with (1) 35/25lb. DB