8 wk2

Aug 7, 2021

 by Ryan Webb

We do strength and conditioning. We do crossfit.  An evolved version. A better crossfit. Meaning we do exercises that use our bodies instead of machines. We do those exercises, as hard as possible, and it changes daily to keep your body growing. To keep gaining strength and losing fat.

Simple, hard, and effective are the three principles that guide the decisions made. Variety for the sake of variety is not. And the program is modified to each and every individual, individually.

We use crossfit to better the lives of the people of Elk Grove. To make better humans, better parents, and stronger community And much less worried about being good at the sport of CrossFit.


Here is what is happening this week….



EMOM x 10min.


Odd: 5 Thrusters (climbing in weight)

Even: 15/12 Cal (Every other round do 15 Toes-To-Bar)


immediately into;


EMOM x 10min.

Odd: 5 Back Squats (climbing in weight)

Even: 15/12 Cal (Every other round do 15 Toes-To-Bar)


20min. Straight EMOM here. The first 10min. you are building up to a 70-80% effort 5 rep thruster from the ground. The next 10min. is a 5 rep back squat out of the rack at the same percentage. try hard to make it heavier than u have on the wall for the last set

At the 25min. mark;


For Time:


10 DB Snatch (right)

10 DB Snatch (left)

10 DB Goblet Squats


9 DB Snatch (right)

9 DB Snatch (left)

9 DB Goblet Squats


… 8,8,8…7,7,7… All the way to 1,1,1…




Here's the flow:



1 Mile Run



Find your 3 Rep Max Deadlift



Bike 100/70 Calories



Find your 3 Rep Max Bench Press


Accessory Work

Just some optional work today if you want and you're feeling up to it after all that!


3 Sets:

15 Set Landmine Sit-Ups

*5 Reps on the right arm

*5 Reps on the left arm

*5 Reps on both arms





EMOM x 20min.

Min. 1) 5 Push Jerks (Climbing)

Min. 2) *Pick One



*30sec. ring rows

*5 pull Ups

*5 Rope pulls

*3-5 Weighted Pull-Ups


Important Notes:

Only choose 1 option above and stick to it the whole time. You may take the push jerk out of the rack and climb a little each round OR take it off the ground.


15min. AMRAP:




Russian KB Swings (70/53lb.)


Double Unders

Not too sure if this one is finish-able  in 15min. or not, BUT I do think it will be very close! Let's see :)




EMOM x 5 Rounds: (35min. Total)


Min. 1) 18/14 Cal 

Min. 2) 20 Box Jumps 24/20"

Min. 3) max SB G2OH

Min. 4) 20 Push-Ups

Min. 5) 15 Double DB Hang Cleans (45/30s)

Min. 6) 20 Sit-Ups

Min. 7) Rest




Every 2min. x 10 Rounds:


10/7 Cal Assault Bike

3 Power Cleans (Climbing)


*Your goal is to eventually hit a 3 Rep Max here today :)


For Time:

100 Front Squats 135/95lbs.

*At the top every minute: 7 Toes-To-Bar

*Start with Toes-To-Bar