6 Fs

Jun 29, 2020

 by Ryan Webb

Lets talk about how to evolve in the “Six Fs”: in their fitness, their finances, their future, their faith, their family and their freedom.

The people closest to you should support you—but they should also challenge you.

They should illuminate the path to greatness. They should push you and pull you to get there faster.


If you want to improve your life as quickly as possible, you need people who will sometimes be your challengers, often be your partners and always have your back.

Maybe you already have these people, and you just need to focus on them more. So consider them your personal board of directors.

They are:

  • Your life partner—your spouse or significant other—who represents your family.

  • Your fitness coach, who represents your Fitness.

  • Your business mentor, who represents your finances, freedom and future.

  • Your spiritual guide—your pastor, priest or meditation guide—who represents your faith.

  • Your best friend, who represents your conscience. This person knows your whole story and will help you balance the rest. That’s important. As much as we value the pursuit of excellence in each of the Six F’s individually, there will never be perfect harmony between all six. Your best friend will give you the caring but objective perspective you need.



It’s easy to identify exactly who these people are. If you have gaps on your personal board of directors, fill those gaps first.


Fill in the blanks for your personal board of directors:

Faith: _______________

Finance: _____________

Freedom: _____________

Fitness: _____________

Family: _____________

Future: _______________

Identify these people, focus on them and grow with them.