Gymnastics as a sport is a fun way for people of all ages and abilities to develop whole body strength and flexibility, discipline, and confidence.

The elementary aged tumbling classes are designed for beginner to intermediate level students from age 6-11. Students are not expected to have prior gymnastics training. The gym has soft landing mats and a variety of equipment needed for safe skill development. Skills taught will include beginning skills such as cartwheels, handstands, and bridges, all the way up to more advanced skills including front and Back handsprings.


Private and small group lessons are also available upon request.

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Coach Trisha is excited to share her love for gymnastics -

Trisha has coached all ages and levels of gymnastics, from toddlers through adults.

She is a former NCAA Division 1 gymnast and is the founder of the Silicon Valley Gymnastics Club in San Jose. She has a masters in health science and USA Gymnastics coaching certification.

Monthly group class

Per Month
small group
meet Wednesday 530-620pm

30 min Private sessions

30 min 1-1

60 min private session

an hour 1-1